The world is changing.

Communication Technology and the Internet of Things has, and will continue, to transform our society.

A new generation is about to leave education and enter the workplace and they bring with them their expectations and characteristics

But many, if not most, of the industrial workplaces today were built by the previous generations. They reflect the characteristics of the generations that built them, and still run them.

In the eyes of the youngest generations, large industrial organisations have an image problem. they are seen as:


Compared to the finance or computer sectors, industry looks slow and uninteresting to the new generations.


Heavy industry is seen a poluting the planet and is therefore not on the career list for environmentally aware youngsters.


The safety image of industry lags behind the reality. It is seen as a dangerous, and therefore not a good place to work


The trend for urbanisation, expecially in the yunger generations means that they want to live in cities, which is not where many big industries are located.

Experience is hard won, but easily discsrded.

The need to change the way organizations are run and organized is stronger than ever.
But change isn't easy. It needs to be carefully planned and takes a combination of drive and experience.

The transition Generation are the resource, in your organization, that can guide the change towards a sustainable future.