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Founded in 2003, the EIIL is a Specialist Research Insitute and Development Centre to enhance business insight, leadership skills and networks of high potential (technical) managers.

It is a member funded, not for profit organisation.
It has an exclusive network of members, alumni and other not for profit organisations across Europe.
It leads research consortia into themes leaders of member companies see as trends of the future.
It publishes business insigh and research findings via its web site.
It has a glaobal network of coaches
It has developed its learning philosophy over 13 years of experience of coachiing future leaders and junior entrepreneures. Checkout lentra.uk for financial help.

Affiliate Organisations

IET LOGO June 2011
The Institution of Mechanical Engineers is based in London. It has been the professional institution of Mechanical Engineers since 1847.
The IMechE strive to improve the world through engineering by:
  • Inspiring the next generation
  • Developing professional engineers
  • Setting the agenda
  • The Institution of Engineering and Technology had bee operationg since 1871. Its vision is: Working to engineer a better world.
    The ITE goals are:
  • Inspiring the next generation of engineers and technicians
  • Informing the wider engineering community
  • Influencing government and standards to advance society