An interactive and modular programme of topics that follow the EIIL master class format.

Finding the change makers

A one day in house programme

Introduction of the idea of the Transitin Generation to a group.
Explore the work practices that make Senior people good at leading change in an organisation
Use internal good practice examples and role models
Generate self learning guides that help people identify good practice and implement it in their daily work

Preparing the Transition Generation

2 day programme or 2 times 1 day programme

With a dedicated group of Transition Generation workers
Introduce them to the concepts of how to become the leaders of the tranistion
Day 1
Preparing yourself: what can the individual do to preparethemselves and to make themselves visible as leaders of the Transition.
Day 2
Preparing for their market place and organisation: exploring the best practices for introducing change

Both days use the EIIL Master Calss methodology
Leading experts in the study topic from industrial organisatons are interviewed